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Starter Kits
  • FasoLab LAP TAPP Repair Trainer Kit

    Training kit for lifelike practice runs of inguinal hernioplasty (transabdominal preperitoneal repair (TAPP).

  • FasoLab LAP TLH Trainer Kit

    This training spans the entire scope of procedures from those surrounding arteriovenous arteries, the ureter, nerves and ligaments, all the way through to lymphoidectomies and uterine operations.

  • FasoLab LAP Skills Trainer Kit

    The optimum kit for learning double-handed device operation, cultivating depth perception and attaining other basic skills in the surgical domain.

  • FasoLab LAP Gastrectomy Trainer Kit

    The gastrectomy kit for realistic training faithful to all specific surgical procedures.

  • MICS Trainer Kit

    A complete training package for mitral valve repair and replacement, replicating MICS with lifelike hands-on sensations of suturing.

  • VATS Trainer Kit

    A starter kit for VATS, uniportal and robot-assisted surgery training sessions