FasoLab LAP Skills Trainer Kit

FasoLab LAP Skills Trainer Kit
The optimum kit for learning double-handed device operation, cultivating depth perception and attaining other basic skills in the surgical domain.

Use of actual instruments gives vital support in raising proficiency in blunt and sharp dissection, anastomosis, suturing and other procedural techniques.

From arteriovenous treatment and fat layer detachment through lymphoidectomy and gastric anastomosis reconstruction, trainees can sample all aspects of the laparoscopic gastrectomy procedure on a seamless basis.

Included in this starter kit
- FasoLab LAP
- Skin Model
- Biliary Tract and Jejunum Model
- Pancreas and Jejunum Model
- Cholecystectomy Model
- Tissue Dissection Pad for Skills Training
- FasoLab Multifunctional Holder
- Shipping Case