We furnish professional surgeons and medical device companies with environments enabling them to experience sensations as if performing surgery on actual human patients.

FasoLab is the generic term for surgical training products developed by FASOTEC, rooted in the concept of simulating the closest experience to performing real surgery.

Almost all conventional dry lab surgical training has been oriented to acquisition of basic skills. The scope of such experiences is limited to partial training in dissection, suturing and other selected aspects of surgical procedures.

Utilizing FasoLab, surgeons are able to practice and experience complex surgical procedures to acquire skill sets and competencies, not just basic skills, required to become experts.
We provide training environments that empower surgeons to complete complex surgical procedures. This contributes to the ability of these professionals to acquire skill sets and competencies, not limited to basic skills, demanded for full-fledged surgical expertise.

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Our goal is to bring users surgical training yielding maximum results with minimum investment.

With conventional surgical training methods, there are inevitably tradeoffs between the amounts invested and the fruits of the subsequent development. For example, while dry lab training offers the benefits of the ability to implement surgical training at low costs, there are limits to the surgical skills attainable through that format. Surgical training based on use of live animals, meanwhile, helps surgeons acquire high-level skills, but it poses such issues as financial burdens and accessibility, as well as questions of ethics.

We are determined to avoid being deterred by such tradeoffs. Our mission, rather, is to offer surgical training platforms yielding higher results at lower investment to surgeons and medical device companies.

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