About Products

Product Categories

The FasoLab product lineup spans the three categories of training boxes, organ holders and organ models.

  • Training boxes


    With our award-winning training boxes, surgeons are assured access to surgical environments with unprecedented reality at any time and location.
    Designed on the basis of patient CT data, our training boxes simulate body size and physical characteristics, and provide functions critical to advance training of minimally invasive surgery.

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  • Tissue and organ models


    The FasoLab tissue and organ models are fabricated from specialized hydrogel materials containing water, yielding texture extremely close to that of actual human organs. These models allow surgeons to experience sensations of use on the human body when applying energy devices and other real surgical devices.
    What’s more, with replication of elaborate anatomical structures, surgeons are able to not only “sense” organ texture, but also experience each key step as they engage in specific surgical techniques.
    The FasoLab tissue and organ models can be utilized independently in surgical training. The lineup contains over 25 different varieties, ranging from versions for addressing needs from skill training through versions to cover complicated surgical procedures.

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  • Organ holders


    Our organ holders are components used when setting individual organ models into place in each training box.
    To know more about organ holders and product setup, click here.

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Products Benefits

  • Reduces travel time and cost for training.
  • Nurtures advanced surgical skills as well as basic skills.
  • Diversified applications, ranging from simple training sessions to complex surgical
    procedures using robots, performed personally or in team training situations
  • Perfect for testing and demonstrating medical devices.
  • Ethical and friendly to society with no use of animals.

Products Features

  • Easy setup—Takes less than 30 seconds.
  • Simple disposal—No toxic and hazardous materials used. Regular trash.
  • Easily carried and shipped—Comparatively light in weight and high in durability.
  • Long shelf life—Can be stored under room temperature.