About Us

We are an accomplished expert
in the field of simulation technology.

FASOTEC is a leading 3D engineering company located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.
Our business platform is comprised of the following two core segments.
Industrial manufacturing, where we mobilize pioneering digital simulation technology to dramatically raise the design and production efficiency of our customers in the aerospace and automobile sectors.
Surgical training, where we provide surgeons and medical device manufacturers with surgical training products that enable them to deliver safe and top-caliber medical care to patients.
As a trusted partner for customers in the manufacturing and healthcare fields, we focus our unswerving commitment on addressing specific needs with solutions based on optimum combinations of advances on both the digital and physical fronts, thereby striving to resolve issues faced by these vital clients.

Digital Simulation for Industrial Manufacturing

By supplying each customer with the optimal digital technology for their needs, we support them in achieving more effective process innovation.

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    Established in 1983, FASOTEC has moved to steadily adopt 3D CNC milling, 3D design and simulation engineering, 3D printing, and other cutting-edge digital technology. Marshalling such breakthrough know-how, we have worked hand in hand with our customers to broadly accelerate their product development, shorten their time-to-market and innovate their product designs.

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    Based on this solid track record, our experienced consulting experts understand what it takes to realize optimum process reforms needed to resolve the issues faced by each client.
    Through the avenue of expert consulting, we select the most advantageous digital solutions to our customers, helping them flexibly incorporate the latest digital technologies into their frontline business operations.

Physical Simulation for Surgical Training

Based on comprehensive understanding of the strength of digital expertise, we are also versed in the importance of physical simulation.

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    With today’s steady proliferation of high technology, there is an increasing tendency to grow dependent on digital expertise for a growing range of solutions. Digital technology, however, also poses certain drawbacks—for example, the inability to provide sufficient tangible stimulation. For human beings, rather than simply seeing something, actually feeling and obtaining stimulation by touching greatly enhances learning efficiency.

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    The same rule applies to surgical training. For surgeons, above and beyond visual training, honing their skills through the mode of actual surgical experiences acts to greatly reduce the learning curve.
    FasoLab is a new surgical training platform developed with that awareness foremost in mind. It applies meticulously cultivated engineering technology to supply surgeons with physical experiences closely simulating the performance of actual surgery.

By making this innovative concept available to surgeons, we offer them opportunities to use real surgical instruments to experience techniques closely approximating actual surgery. Our ultimate goal is to support these professionals in the quest for more efficient acquisition of essential surgical skill sets and competencies.