Organ holders

What are organ holders?

Our organ holders are components used when setting individual organ models into place in each training box.
With these holders, organ models are set in an optimum position and angle within the training box, allowing the users to practice under lifelike surgical environment.

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How to setup FasoLab products?

Easy use and takes merely 30 seconds for setup.
The following pictures show steps to set the right lobectomy model in the FasoLab THORA unit as a typical setup example.

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How are organ holders made?

FasoLab organ holders are manufactured with 3D printers, making it possible to produce intricate design and anatomical features at a lower cost that would otherwise be impossible with conventional manufacturing methods.

Use of 3D printers also allows us to customize our products to best match your specific needs. For example, some of our organ holders are customized so an organ model is set in a way that our customer can test a newly developed surgical procedures.

Markforged 3D Printer